Our team will be at your disposal to help you discover the riches of our Region. The discovery of the castles of the Loire, its nature, its gastronomy and the various tourist sites.

Activities close to the hotel

Château de Chenonceau 400m

Skip the line tickets can be provided to go directly to the various castles with your tickets in hand and do not wait to save time for the visit. €17 per person.

Not to be missed : the castle and its many richly decorated and furnished rooms, the two-storey gallery, the beautiful gardens and the wild labyrinth, or the incredible collection of paintings of great masters, worthy of that of a museum.

Château du Clos Lucé 13km

Skip the line tickets can be provided to go directly to the various castles with your tickets in hand and do not wait to save time for the visit. €19 per person.

Not to be missed : the visit of the castle and the discovery of Leonardo da Vinci’s machines, the Renaissance cuisine of the Auberge du Prieuré, the Leonardo da Vinci park and garden, and the various fun activities to do in family.

Château Royal d'Amboise 13km

Skip the line tickets can be provided to go directly to the various castles with your tickets in hand and do not wait to save time for the visit. €16.40 per person.

Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire 24km

Like a balcony on the Loire, the regional estate of Chaumont-sur-Loire reveals its refined charms to all those who have the chance to push its doors! Revealed in broad daylight by the wealthy princely couple of Broglie who shaped it in his image, this architectural treasure sometimes fades in front of the other star of the field: the incredible 32-hectare English park. A real wild gem!

Not to be missed : the prestigious stables, pride of the Princess of Broglie, the richly decorated apartments, and the wonderful English garden, the work of landscape architect Henri Duchêne.

Cité Royale de Loches 28km

With its impressive architecture, a privileged vestige of Renaissance highlights, the Royal City of Loches is one of the most beautiful fortified cities in France. From the top of its rocky spur, it stands majestically on the valley of the indre. From the royal home to the dungeon, let you carry by the history of France.

Not to be missed : The imposing Royal Gate, the dungeon that houses a unique prison art, the interactive visit with the histopad and the garden with medieval influences

Zoo de Beauval 32km

Zoo de Beauval hosts more than 10 000 animals in Saint-Aignan (Loire-et-Cher), near the famous castles of the Loire. In this zoo ranked among the 4 most beautiful animal parks in the world, 800 species are represented, including the only Pandas visible in France and their babies, including the two twins born in 2021. But there are also koalas, manatees, okapis, kangaroos or tigers and white lions. In 2020, the park celebrated its 40th anniversary and inaugurated a huge equatorial dome (38m high, 1 hectare, 200 species).
Plan a full day to fully enjoy the zoo.

Château de Cheverny 40km

It is easily recognized by its Bourré stone, which whitens with time, but also and especially because it inspired the castle of Moulinsart of the famous albums of Tintin ! Cheverny is a private castle open to the public throughout the year, which attracts many visitors each year to discover the richness of its interiors and its wonderful gardens. Not far from Chambord, it is a must in the Loire Valley !

Not to be missed : the visit of the interior of the castle, the very large and beautiful gardens, the permanent exhibition «The Secrets of Moulinsart», an electric boat ride, a picnic in the heart of the park.

Château d'Azay-le-Rideau 53km

Luxury, calm and pleasure is what awaits you at Château d'Azay le rideau. It is difficult to describe the peaceful and romantic atmosphere that emerges from this architectural jewel of the First French Renaissance that seems to be on the water. Take the time to admire every detail from the interiors to its splendid park.

Not to be missed : the staircase of honor, the purely renaissance room of the former mistress of the House, Philippe Lesbahy and the wonderful English park that surrounds the Castle.

Château de Villandry 54km

Close to the hotel, the castle of Villandry is one of the last great castles to have been built in the Loire Valley. Built in the XVIth century, it is well known for the richness and splendor of its gardens. Very important, the decorative vegetable garden, composed of nine squares of identical size, combines with vegetables and flowers, for a unique set that always please visitors.

Not to be missed : the wonderful gardens of Villandry, open every day of the year, and the richly furnished and decorated rooms of the castle, with a special mention for the oriental lounge.

Château de Chambord 60km

The only royal estate that has remained intact since its creation, Chambord is a true masterpiece of architecture. This Renaissance castle, designed by François the Ist, is also one of the most visited monuments in France ! Stroll through the alleys of the huge park before entering this wonderful building, witness of the power of its creator.

Not to be missed : the castle and its double evolution staircase, the fireplaces, the wonderful gardens, the carriage room and the superb Christmas lights.


Discover canoe kayak trips to navigate the Cher 300m from the Hotel and see its lighthouse walk, very accessible and fast from 1h/1h30 with an original navigation under the arches of the castle. Other longer courses are also available. Rates from 20 to 50€ depending on the course and duration.

Hot air balloon flights

Hot air balloon flights with transfer from the hotel can be offered at the price of €.270.00 per person (cancellation and transfer insurance included) to fly over the famous Castle of Chenonceau, the gardens of Catherine of Medicis and Diane of Poitiers, the river Cher on either side of the famous jewel.

Bicycle rental

Bike rental at the rate of €24.00 per day to cross the paths of Touraine along the Cher (300m) or in the heart of the forest of Amboise and the many paths and bike paths.


The Shop

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